Three Simple, yet Fun, Ways to Save the Earth


Saving the planet doesn’t always have to mean composting and recycling. There are plenty of ways to make an impact when it comes to the environment that will still allow you to have a lot of fun in your life. Here are three things that are a load of fun that will still help you save the planet.

1. Have a Garden That Fits the Climate

One great way to help save the planet is through planting lots of plants and trees. However, if you don’t get plants that are suited to your environment, you may end up having to give them more water than the atmosphere can provide or end up losing your plants to heat and strong sun. If you look for plants that do well in your climate, such as ones for a hot, dry climate or a cool, wet climate, you can have a beautiful garden. Not only will you have plants that are unique, but you won’t have to put nearly as much work into them.

2. Buy Local Food

When you buy food from local farmers, you are taking out transportation of that food from distant states. The very act of food distribution can lead to emissions entering the atmosphere nationwide. Not only will you get great food by going local, you will be helping local businesses and cutting back on pollution related to getting your food as well.

3. Save on Gas


When you buy a fuel efficient car, you can do your part to keep as many pollutants from getting into the atmosphere. A great car for helping you save on gas is the Fiat 500, which you can find out more about at This car not only has great mileage, but it’s nice style and loads of features will mean that you can make a fashion impact too. Schedule your test drive today by going to