If You Want to Attract The Girls Buy a Pickup Truck

Men drive pickup trucks for all sorts of different reasons but there just might be one more to add to the list. According to an insurance survey women are most attracted to guys who drive pickup trucks and least attracted to those driving a mail truck . . . especially if it’s orange.


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This survey deduced that men who climb up into big, bad pickup trucks are the ones which deserve the most attention. The type of guy who drives a pickup truck can also fix any leaking pipes and do odd jobs and, because pickup trucks are not renowned for being the most fuel efficient motors on the road they are also not afraid to pump a few dollars into the gas tank. Anyone who needs $100 to fill up the gas tank must have $100 in his pocket . . . do you get the drift?
What a man drives really does make a difference to his attractiveness to women – here’s the list in all its glory.
• 32 per cent of women are most attracted to men who drive pickup trucks
• 27 per cent of women in the survey are more attracted to sports car drivers – you’d have thought that would be the other way around wouldn’t you?
• 16 per cent of women expressed a preference for men who drive an SUV
• 11 per cent of the women surveyed were attracted to drivers of sedans
• Electric and hybrid cars came next getting around 9 per cent of the vote
• 4 per cent of women find themselves attracted to men who drive UPS trucks – I’m not sure where that curved ball came from


• Minivan drivers are only attractive to 2 per cent of women
• Last on the list comes mail trucks – with less than 1 per cent of women admitting that they find mail truck drivers attractive
In the interests of fair play we’d better take a look at this from the other point of view. Not unsurprisingly men are most likely to turn their heads to a woman behind the wheel of a red sports car. Two seaters send out the “”no kids”” signal loud and clear, the fact that these cars are relatively expensive is another bonus but also indicates that it is probably on lease hire . . . another indication that they aren’t heavily driven by commitment. If you have a convertible it means that you won’t spend too much time worrying about having a hair out of place.
Here’s the list from the survey about which women drivers men find most attractive:
• Sports cars are firmly at the top of the list with 39 per cent of the vote . . . particularly red sports cars


• Sedans come in second with around 22 per cent of the vote
• SUVs aren’t far behind on 20 per cent
• Only 10 per cent of men are most attracted to women who drive pickup trucks – I suppose that the qualities a pickup truck speaks about a man are not necessarily desirable when they are the other way around
• 6 per cent of men are attracted to women who drive electric or hybrid vehicles
• Minivans come in last with just 4 per cent of the vote. I’m not sure why mail vans and UPS trucks weren’t included for this survey, or perhaps they were but nobody noticed.
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